Introducing the iPants: New iPad Fashion Pants With One Huge Pocket

It is not a new story that the iPad is aiming to revolutionize the Tablet computer arena, but will it rock the fashion industry as well? As the story with the iPhone and its many accessories, fashion items, addons, etc, so is the case with the upcoming iPad, which has already presented potential accessories and now even a new fashion clothing line.

ipad pants design

The iGotaBigAssPocket is a concept design that is made to make fun of the entire Apple iGeneration line of products, accessories and fashion. It includes a stylish pair of Jeans with one huge pocket to fit the upcoming Apple iPad right in the back.

These new iPad pants are extremely absurd, but the sad thing is that it may actually see the light of day. It may not be made by the actual designer, but it will surely be seen by one major exec that will see it as another way to milk the iGeneration for all it has. I can already see the headline: iPants: Practical iPad Fashion.

I know it isn’t the best headline, and there are probably many more better ones. What do you think they should be called?

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