This Mini Robot Will Keep Your iPad’s Screen Extra Clean

If you are like me you are using your phone/tablet all the time, it is already known that the number or germs we have on our deceives are similar if not higher then the number of germs you find on a toilet bowl. From this reason, it is important to keep our devices clean as possible to prevent illness and diseases.

Here’s a fun little gadget you can buy for gadget lovers. Meet the AUTOMEE-S, a autonomous robot that cleans the screens on your iPhone, iPad, tablets, and other smart devices.

ipad Screen Cleaning Robot

This little gizmo works on batteries, it’s about 70 mm in diameter, and only weighs 82 grams so it won’t harm your gadgets. Whether you own an iPhone, Android or a tablet, the mini robot will take a good care of that unclean screen easily. This is actually the world’s smallest robotic cleaner, according to its makers. The Auto Mee S comes in 4 different colors and is available for $21. Check out the video to see how is works.

This little guy will scrub your smartphone screen all by itself. Just give it a few minutes to finish the job.

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