Powerful iPhone Gadgets

All of the features offered by the iPhone have helped make it one of the most popular cellular phones available.  It seems like there is an app for everything, as well as a game or movie available to sooth any soul.  However, now you can use your iPhone in all kinds of ways that you probably haven’t considered.  You simply need more toys!  Yet, there are so many accessories available for your iPhone that it may be tough to weed through them all.  So, here are five gadgets that will make your iPhone even more powerful than it already is.

iRig iPhone Guitar Interface

This musically inclined gadget is for rocking guitarists.  Everyone dig musicians, and now you can impress almost anywhere.  What could be more powerful than that?  Downloading the program Amplitude iRig is free for an iPhone or iPad.  You can connect your iPhone to your guitar using the iRig iPhone Guitar Interface.  This gadget gives you “world class guitar and bass tone right in the palm of your hand.”  This handheld stage rig lets you control the amplifier, cabinet and microphone, as well as “up to 4 recombinable simultaneous stompbox effects!”  Visit the Amplitude iRig custom app store to shop, as needed, for effects and amps.  The iRig is $39.99, user-friendly and compatible with any other app that works with processing, recording, or tuning!

i-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote

A man and his remote are seldom parted.  However, if controlling only your own TV is getting kind of old you may find this gadget to be very useful.  The i-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote will allow you to wield your mighty control over thousands of electronics for $49.99. You can download the app for free and then the power is in your hands.  If the code for any device isn’t already programmed you can simply teach it to your new universal remote.  This gadget will always be ready to use in a snap because no batteries are required.

Black Ops Throat Mike iPhone Headset

Whatever secret missions you have planned with your mischievous friends will be much more productive when you can communicate with each other via throat microphones.  You can use these with your iPhone, so barely-whispered phone calls can occur.  This powerful gadget costs $119.99 and has all kinds of potential.  For instance, this may help hunters communicate without disrupting prey.  The headset is finely tuned to deliver only what was intended, rather than lots of background noise.  This feature makes it ideal for motorcyclists.  No matter what you use it for, you can rest easy because this gadget is durable and even capable of performing in combat situations.

iBottleopener: Bottle Opening iPhone Case

This simple item gives you the power of being able to open bottles with your iPhone for no more than $19.99.  This is such a useful concept that just having this cell phone case will make you cooler.  People will marvel at your foresight and good taste.  Your friends will be jealous.  You may already have a bottle opener on your key chain, but if you’re drinking, you probably shouldn’t have those keys, and how does that really look to cops who pull you over?  Useful as this gadget may be, this is probably just a conspiracy from all those app makers: Now you’ll just drink and app all day.

MiLi iPhone Projector

The MiLi iPhone Projector allows you to share your iPhone with quite a crowd.  You can project a screen up to 70 inches.  It even has a speaker integrated into it’s design.  This is the most powerful gadget for your iPhone, because now you have so much more than just a phone.  Give presentations, watch movies, show off your gaming skills, or simply share your favorite links for $299.99.  It has been called a “movie theater in your pocket.”  An awesome feature of this product is that it charges your phone with it’s own battery while your phone is docked in it.  This projector will also work for any other AV or VGA source, including your laptop.

All of these awesome gadgets can make you more powerful than ever!  Now you can use your iPhone to jam, control devices, go on secret missions, be super handy, and entertain large groups of people.  If you do not have an iPhone already, you may want to consider buying one because this stuff is just way too cool not to have!

Some more cool items for your iPhone include a slide keyboard and pinball machine.

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