iPhone Pinball!

If the iPhone weren’t awesome enough already,this little add-on would make it even more cool, especially for any of us old school gaming freaks.We are not talking about an iPhone app or some new iPhone game here. We are talking about a new accessory called ‘Pinball Magic’ which will instantly transform your iPhone into a mini pinball table.

Sounds unreal but get this – we are talking about real buttons, from the ball launcher to the flippers. No more touchscreen, it’s all touch and feel. It’s really easy to get this working. Simply fit in the pinball casing to the iPhone by sliding in the phone into the 30 pin connector. The accessory comes with a game as well so no need to fork out extra cash for it.

Once your phone is popped in, and the backbox LED’s are illuminated, go crazy tilting and flipping. Oh and I almost forgot, this thing even comes with foldable legs to make the experience even more lifelike. No more scrubbing on the touch screen to play games. Set the phone+casing combo on a flat surface, and flip and tilt your way to pinball glory. The app detects the tilts, and too much of it will end up in you getting a tilt warning, just like the real-life pinball machines.

The actual gaming app supports multiple board layouts, multi-player gaming, and advanced multi-level and multi-ball modes. The design is retro to go along with the feel of the actual game. And I can see, not just the avid pinballer but even the occasional  iPhone gamer spending many a lunch hour bent over this little awesome pinball table, and forgetting all about work deadlines and reports.

There is no pinball machine without game music but unfortunately the product website doesn’t say anything about it. For that we will just have to wait till the launch of the product in a few days, though it’s safe to assume that an iPhone app and especially a pinball game is going to come bundled with music. The case will cost $39.99 and the accompanying game app can be downloaded free  from the iPhone app store.

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