Cool New iPhone Rotating Speakers are The Next Thing In Extreme Entertainment!

Unlike what the name suggests, these cool new rotating speakers do not actually rotate, but something sure does rotate and that thing is your iPhone or the iPod that gets jacked into the main body of the speakers, a feature that is rarely found in any other product in it’s class.Rotating speakers

These speakers are manufactured by The Sharper Image and go for sale for just $99.99, a price that I would reckon as a good bargain and a product well themed for extreme entertainment. These speakers feature a rotating platform for docking your iPhone or iPod right in the middle of the main frame, these are then packed up with two 2.25″ 3w speakers on either side for the perfect digital sound experience.

Rotating speakers 2

The illuminated controls on the top are one-touch and easy to use while it also sports a 3 iPod dock inserts and an auxiliary input cable for other mp3 and audio devices, and of course! it also charges your apple devices as it plays.

You can also check out the Genevia iPod speakers that are plain stunning or the classic Phonofone II, an auto amplifier that is made to inspire. So you have plenty to choose from, to make your videos (taken with painstaking efforts) come to life and just pop out!

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