Jaguar: The Leaper And Charging Bull Motorcycle Designs Are Real Killer

Every biker dreams to own a bike which won’t only look great, with excellent HP and awesome tires. The bike which won’t only captures everyone’s glance but burn up the roads with its killer speed and handling. I guess Massow Concept Cycles or MCC have read their minds and have come up with this out of this world creation. It has won my applauds and I bet as soon as you see it, you will just fall in love with it.

Black Jaguar The Leaper

These are two selected bikes designed specially by MCC and are based on two of nature’s killer creations i.e. Jaguar and a Bull. Here is “Leaping Jaguar and Charging Bull Motorcycles”.

Black Jaguar The Leaper 1

Starting off with the Black Jaguar: The Leaper, it has built with a blasting 1200cc engine so the bike runs as fast as a jaguar does. Using steel tubing for frame, the combined it with a passel of bespoke parts. Professional computer illustrators were the one who created the visual image first. After that the sculptor molded and fabricated a glass fiber fairing to curvaceously cover the mechanical side of matters.  Its glossy black lacquer paint provides the perfect finish for this classy bike.

Black Jaguar The Leaper 2

Next is the Red Charging Bull Motorcycle which also comes with similar features like chrome plated copper coachwork and thick 17 inch rims mounting Avon 120/70 ZR rubber up front and 170/60 aft.

Red Charging Bull bike

There is so much we can learn from nature in every way and this has been proved today by Massow Concept Cycles, Hats off guys! Please see a demonstration here.

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