Jamstik The Easiest Way To Learn Guitar

Everything that we’ve come to know and love is changing, including taking guitar lessons. Instead of working with a teacher, there’s the Jamstik + Portable SmartGuitar, which pretty much enables you to become a master on your own by learning it on your phone.

jamstik+ Portable SmartGuitar with Interactive Guitar Lesson Apps for iOS and Mac. Real Strings and Bluetooth Connectivity

The device works on an app that connects to the iPhone, iPad or iMac, and is the first digital smart guitar, which teaches you to play it through apps. Basically a guitar and lessons in one package.

One of the coolest features has to be finger placement. The guitar and app recognize your finger location and displays them in real-time, on screen, to show right from wrong. Yes, it has the Guitar Hero or Rock Band similarity, but you’re actually learning to play guitar with the jamstik+.

Another extremely cool feature is its MIDI controller, allowing any sound like synths, keys, drums and more. It’s also compatible with 100’s of MIDI apps and DAW’s like GarageBand, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live.

If that’s not enough, it’s also very easy to travel with, fitting in your backpack or carry-on which means you can practice on the go and make music anywhere if the passion is burning inside you to create. It’s available for $299.99

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