Jango Fett Helmet Star Wars Cake

Any Star Wars geek would love the Jango Fett helmet cake for its sweet, tasty and let him/her celebrate a special occassion with such a good looking Star Wars item.

jango fett star wars cake

Jango Fett was introduced with the newest trilogy of Star Wars and like Boba Fett, received  alittle fan backing for a Star Wars character which is not a major role by view.

This specific Star Wars cake was made for Stephen for his 30th birthday by his wife, and I must admit he must be some lucky guy for getting such a Birthday Cake and having it delivered by his wife. It isn’t every day you hear of spouses who support such a hobby as the wonderful world of geeky Star Wars.

For other cool Star Wars stuff, check out the Star Wars flash drives or the Darth Vader USB Hub.

jango fett helmet star wars cake

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