Josh Hadar’s Electric E-Trike Chopper Can Hit 45MPH

Who says Electric bikes can’t be stylish? If you ever though that way then you should change your views because this Electric E-Trike Chopper not only runs on renewable energy but also comes along with an attitude of its own.

Josh Hadar from New York is the one who created this electric bike. It is a three wheeler bike that looks like a chopper. Now here is the best part – it not only runs on renewable energy but is also has the power to hold itself on the streets like a real chopper. It can go up to the speed of 45 MPH that most of the electric bikes can’t. That is what makes this Trike Chopper stand apart from the rest.

What’s the ‘Cool Factor’ in it?

How about I say that the bike is built around a carbon steel frame and is powered by a Mars Electric Motor, isn’t that cool? If you are a biking enthusiast you would know that a Mar Electric motor is capable of producing an output of 4.8 kilowatts which is equivalent to 6.4 horsepower. It is also capable of producing 15 kilowatts at a push which makes the chopper go on the top speed of 45 mph.

About Josh…

Josh Hadar is not a new name that has surprised us with his efficiency by creating this chopper. Even in the past, we have seen many customized bikes and cycles from Josh. But, I must admit that this particular Trike Chopper is one unique piece he has made. Josh has integrated an Altrax programmable controller which is powered by four 12 volt lead-acid batteries. Hadar also says that the range of the bike which is around 30 miles right now can be increased to 60 if a lithium nano-phosphate battery pack is installed in it.

Believe it or not, this E-Trike is one of its kind. It is charged from a 750-watt arrangement of six solar panels. Overall the chopper is around 8.4 feet long. The rare wheel is 26 inches and the front one is 20 inches in diameter. Of course, this is one cool bike we have seen till now!

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Via: Inhabitat

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