The Katana Sword Will Now Slash Open Your Letters

Slashing through the bodies of the enemies was the Samurai’s long, slender, sharp and curved sword’s-the Katana’s primary objective; while our Samurai Katana Letter Opener is a diminished version of the original katana sword, it’s objective is no less bloody, to cut open the letters efficiently (of which some are worse than the actual enemy-Bills). The letter opener, made up stainless steel, is just 6.5 inches long while the entire Samurai Katana Letter Opener set comprises of the sword, the sheath and yup! it’s very own stand too.katana Letter Opener1

Letters are an indispensable part of our lives and so are the letter openers, and to name few of the instances, one might need this particular tool to open confidential documents, all sorts of bills or forms or even some sweet love letters! A simple solution to this task would be a pair of scissors, but they are hard to find and a hassle to use but then again a pair of scissors come nowhere close to the Katana in terms of being more cool, and the Katana Letter Opener is probably the best of the options available to our disposal while being a matter of pride and prestige to own such a thing! And it is only $5.95.katana Letter Opener2

The office table whereupon this weapon of honour and dignity rests should also be accompanied by this particular thing, your very own DNA photograph, that will be for a proof of the heroic genes flowing through your veins.

2 thoughts on “The Katana Sword Will Now Slash Open Your Letters

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  2. Corine .


    I am interested in buying this letter opener. I actually require 160 of them for my client. Does anyone know where I can find these?

    I am from South Africa.


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