Never Get Lost Again – Keychain Sized GPS Homing Device

Satellite communication has made the world a smaller place, albeit a global village. Technological innovations such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) provide information regarding location and time. GPS satellites have the entire planet mapped out. With a GPS receiver, you could receive information regarding your current location and the directions to the location you want to head to.

Leading auto manufacturers have quickly realized the functionality of GPS systems and now offer GPS navigation on modern day cars. Though GPS units have become an essential feature of the automobile experience, they have not caught the public like cellphones and portable music players. One reason could be the complexity and portability issue of GPS units. This is set to change with a new ultra portable GPS tracker that is running for only $79.95.

The ‘GPS Homing Device’ is a complete breakaway from the usual bulky GPS units one gets to see in taxis, private cars, and with security personnel. The GPS device is only as big as a regular keychain and has eye pleasing aesthetics, unlike regular GPS units. The homing device has a sleek square body with curved edges; a smart metallic grey covers the unit with a brightly lit blue display screen.

Ordinary GPS units promise to point your location and guide you in the right direction. The ironic bit is that the users themselves would need a map to figure out how to operate the GPS unit. With the GPS Homing Device, users wouldn’t even need a leaflet guide. It is that simple.

The unit has a total of two buttons. One is for setting the start point and the other is for setting the compass mode. All that the user has to do is set the start point and then wander wherever they wish. The Homing Device will always point back in the direction of the start point.

The keychain-sized GPS unit has an intelligent system behind it. An advanced GPS receiver chipset guides users with a high degree of accuracy. The unit counts the distance to the start point in a variety of metric systems, including meters and kilometers. Though it may be a pint sized unit, the GPS tracker has a tracking system that is easy to read and follow.

An economic size and a simple user interface make the GPS Homing Device a handy digital guide to carry around with you.

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