The Kisai Console Has Arrived

In February 2010 a concept names Bright Time was born in the Tokyo Flash studio. It attracted a large number of viewers and was voted as the most popular concept. Many reviewed it and gave feedback and suggestions. Soon the concept was taken up to turn it into reality. Eleven months down the line Bright Time has been presented to the world renamed as Kisai Console.

The Kisai Console is completely developed upon the ideas presented in the concept. Being one of the most popular designs the manufacturers did not want to make any changes. It is a simple watch which tells the time by hours and minutes. Only the presentation is a little different, though it is not as different as some of the other watches from Tokyo Flash. Watches like RPM and Satellite models show the time using graphical representation. The former has LED symbols along the rim of the watch’s face while the latter has three LED illuminated circles on the face.

Telling the time on the Console is very easy. Three different screens occupy the face with each one illuminated with green LED lights. The hours and five minute screens display numbers while the minutes 1 – 4 are in the form of four LED light bars. At the touch of a button all relevant lights illuminate making it easy to read the time. For example, when it is 6:33 the sections that will light up are – 06 in the hours screen, 30 in the five minute screen and three bars in the single minute screen. Initially it might take you little time to adjust to a new way of telling the time but once accustomed it will not be a problem. In fact, you will pride in having such a snazzy watch to rest on your wrist.

Technical specifications of the Console are very similar to any other watch from Tokyo Flash. It can be programmed to light up every 15 minutes from 1800 – 2400 hrs. It is USB rechargeable for which you will have to unscrew the USB cap. A screwdriver and connecting cable are provided with the watch. It takes close to 3.5 hours for the battery to attain full charge and one charge lasts up to a month. One battery can take close to 300 charges and it is replaceable. The device is also water resistant.

Kisai Console saw daylight due to the immense technological achievements made by man. It has become easier to turn a dream into reality. What is required is a dream. We will not have to wait long to see many more dreams turn to reality.

Kisai Console is just another brilliant invention from the designers. However, if you are a follower of Tokyo Flash designs, check out Kaleidoscope Watch and Binary Analogue Watch.

Now made available for only $201.

Via: Walyou

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