Laser Theater for Your Extreme Rock n Roll Parties!

It’s horrible to arrange a disco or a rock n roll party without the right lights. I know how it can be because I have suffered the situation. There are times when you really want the party to be a happening one but it doesn’t.

Although the music, the snacks were, and even the crowd was good, something was still missing. What was it? I personally think most of the time the ‘effects’ are missing. Imagine being in a party where everything is superb but the lighting sucks, would it be exciting? Hell no! But, if the same party has some real good light effects then for sure everyone would love shaking their bodies!

So, if you want something that can ignite that inner soldier in you to march on the floor along with the beats, then this Laser Theater is for you! You can literally customize your light show based on your preferences. The theater throws out flashing green and red lights through the four diffraction grids. Each grid is capable of spinning the lights and throwing a completely different pattern on the wall or on the walls giving you a variety of lights in your hall. The good part is that the lights that are projected are quite sharp. You can move the projector upward to throw lights on the ceiling, downwards to throw lights on the floor, and can keep it straight for the walls. But, be careful not to shine them on someone’s face who has sensitive eyes. He might punch you right in the face for that!

Here are some features and specifications of the product:

• Two lasers: red and green

• Variable speed motors

• Tilting base

• 4 interchangeable diffraction patterns

• Up to 39 different unique lightshows

• Extra awesome with fog machine (not included)

• Makes sweet dance-moves infectious

It is available for $149.99 which I personally think is quite inexpensive. Once you have this you won’t need to rent lights ever again for your parties. We all do that right? And trust me, it’s a pain!

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