Surprise your visitors with USB Color Changing LED Christmas Tree Ornament with Speaker

The Christmas season brings with it a lot of new gadgets and electronic items. The USB color changing LED Christmas Tree Ornament with Speaker priced at just $6.94 is one such item which has been released recently for the Christmas season.  USB-LED-christmas-lights

It could turn out to be a perfect gift for your  friends and colleagues who collect such gift items as souvenirs. What makes this new Christmas product set apart from other products is the inclusion of LED. USB color changing LED is a fun way to enhance the Christmas spirit. The LED embedded in the product offers four different colors while providing you the facility to listen to the relaxing soft music, as the lights twinkles, announcing that Christmas has formally arrived.

With the help of a single button you can turn on the classic Christmas melodies and can enjoy the special evening. The product works with the assistance of USB port on your computer; however, even if your computer is turned off, it can work. You can provide power to this LED Christmas tree via USB-to-main adapter. However, this adapter is not included with the gadget and can be purchased separately. The product comes with a 36 inches or 90 cm long cable which comes in red, blue and green color. Because of its cute size the product can be easily placed on your desk.
The USB color changing LED Christmas tree ornament with speaker contains 10 soothing melodies which will help you put a smile on your guests face, as they attend your awesome Christmas party. Other products you may like to appreciate include Stealth Iron Box For The High Flying Aces and Lego Santa’s Sleigh in New Design .

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