LED Grilling Spatula Is Perfect for Night Grill Masters

The summer may be over (according to the calendar, the astronomical one will still be on for another 3 weeks), but that doesn’t mean that BBQ maniacs have to gather their toys and go home. This flashlight grilling spatula might be the perfect accessory for the ones who enjoy making BBQs at night.

When they’re in the mood for BBQ men no longer care if it’s winter or summer, day or night. They get tunnel vision, and their only cure is grilled meat (and/or vegetables, if you’re thinking about onomatopoeia when chewing on steak). However, when grilling at night, the light emitted by the fire or by the burnt charcoal is often not enough, and all sorts of accidents may ensue. All unwanted situations can be easily prevented by using a flashlight, but let’s be frank here for a moment, who would ever want to hold the flashlight in one hand and the spatula in the other? This LED grilling spatula combines two much needed accessories into one so that you can also hold a bottle of beer in your free hand.

The Grillight, which is made by the eponymous company, includes an LED light in the handle, for improved visibility. Being made out of food-safe 430 grade stainless steel, which is also used in professional kitchens, the LED spatula is not only highly functional, but also very good looking, something that your guests won’t fail to notice. On top of that, it’s also very easy to clean, and you can place it in a dishwasher after finishing cooking, provided that you removed the LED.

One thing is certain: with this flashlight spatula, you will no longer have to ask “What’s cookin’, Doc?” You’ll know exactly what it is on the grill. Cold light could lead you astray, but the warm light of the LED helps you determine the natural color of the food, so that you know exactly when it’s done.

The LED is powered by two AA batteries, so make sure you have some of those handy, just in case the spatula runs out. In case you want to start making BBQs at night, head over to Amazon and get the Grillight for $34.95. The price is quite good, considering that this accessory should last you a few years.

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