LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain Of Youth Recreates Movie Magic

I don’t think I’m the only one that was amazed when I first heard that they would be making yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The newest iteration appears to me mercifully stand alone from the increasingly convoluted story line from the first trilogy, but if you happen to be excited about the latest part of the series, you’re probably interested in some swag. If that’s the case, a perfect way to show off your fandom is to pick up a Lego equivalent. Thankfully, this Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain of Youth Lego set shows off all of your favorite movie characters in a pleasantly light Lego format.

Barbossa, Blackbeard, and Jack Sparrow are all displayed fighting over the fabled spring that supposedly gives out eternal life. Now, why they can’t all just agree to share the fountain and then everyone lives forever, I’m not sure, but I’d imagine that would make for a pretty boring movie. Jack is shown making his way toward the fountain while Barbossa and Blackbeard battle it out for supremacy. The set has 128 pieces in total, which should keep you busy for at least a few hours, and you’ll have a great movie set to show off to your friends once it is completed. The age range for the set is 6 – 12, so keep that in mind if you’re buying this as a gift. The price of $19.99 should keep it within the average consumer’s price range as well.

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