Light Bulb USB Flash Memory Illuminates Your Data Storage

Since the dawn of the USB Flash drive, users have been coming up with new and unusual ways to customize their data storage. From little USB animals to USB gears, these creations tend to be an expression of one’s personality. In that vein, these light bulb USB flash memory drives come in 3 distinct colors. Now your new ideas can literally be stored on light bulbs. Cool, right?

These little light bulbs pack some solid technology along with them. They come in green, blue, or orange, and each USB drive stores up to two GB of memory. They all utilize a 2.0/1.1 USB interface and weight about 25g. Their data speed maxes out at 480Mpbs, but what do you expect from a light bulb keychain? A USB extension cable is also included for your connecting pleasure. Now, I am not sure what you would expect to pay for a 30 X 62.5mm USB light bulb, but I am fairly certain it wasn’t along the line of $63. Shipping will tack on another $19. Such is the price of innovation, I suppose.

The good news is that if your wallet is feeling a little light or you would prefer a different style Flash stick, you’re in luck. If you fancy yourself as a sophisticated individual, then maybe you would like something a little more stylish like this Prada pen drive. Alternatively, if you would prefer your USB drive look like it came from the far distant arid wastelands of the future, then might I recommend the steampunk USB drive.  I am not sure if computers even exists in a Steampunk-esque future, but at the very least the little guy will fit right into his surroundings. There is something for everyone, folks!

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