Lilliput Mini USB Monitor is the Screen for Geeks

It happens many times when you have gone for a vacation and have a pen drive full of movies but for saving space instead of a laptop you can carry Lilliput Mini USB Monitor or have your presentation ready in your pen drive but your monitor’s not working at the last moment but need to get the final touches done but sadly there is nothing to view your presentation on and then this geeky Lilliput comes in as a savior with its Mini USB Monitor which drives all your worries away and saves you from the consequences.

Lilliput Mini USB Monitor

This Mini USB Monitor is a tiny 7″ monitor which runs completely off USB and you don’t even have to use any extra power because you just have to plug in the USB into your comp without the need for any extra video card because this also has an internally built video card which works great over any USB 2.0 connection.

Lilliput Mini USB Monitor 1

With an excellent resolution of 800 x 480, It images are perfect without any disturbances and you can even rotate the screen in portrait or Landscape view according to your needs like if you want to view some graphs or any spreadsheets then go for vertical and if you want to watch a movie, then horizontal is the best.

Lilliput Mini USB Monitor 3

It’s so short and slick that you save lots of space and will easily fit in your bag and it works in Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista and Mac (Intel) and with all these wonderful features, it comes for only $99.99.

Lilliput Mini USB Monitor 2

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