Throw Some Light In Your Coffee Table Discussions With The Lit-Up Coffee Table

‘A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee’, thus it is always advisable to be prepared while you are enjoying your coffee with others, and if you really want to make most of such moments then better have a look at the Lit-Up coffee Table that promises to make the faces of your guests gleam in amazement. The Lit-up coffee table is the perfect new accessory for any business firm or just plain house gadgets as you will always find someone who will share the same love for coffee as you do.

Lit-Up Coffee Table1

The Lit-Up Coffee Table is made out of a brushed steel body fitted with a toughened glass surface that produces the cool lighting effect, and unlike most of the light-up tables you might have come across this one lights up from beneath as well, much resembling the neon car lights, and comes with a built in Power Connection.

Lit-Up Coffee Table2

Another cool feature that this table offers you is the ‘independent illumination control’ for both the top and the bottom lights, moreover you can also select your own colors to suit your mood or select from a wide range of graphics that are available or even make your own!

Lit-Up Coffee Table3

Selling for $2,999.00 this may seem a bit steep but when a big contract needs to be signed this may put up a really cool impression. you can also have a look at the other cool tables that might assist you like the Multi-Functional Coffee Table/Workstation or the super Extravagant All Weather Pool Table.

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