Lord of the Rings Etched Bar-Ware

All of us are frustrated about our glasses leaving their prints. Remember the last birthday you got your wife a big ‘I love you’ cup but after a couple of days the ‘love’ part faded. Does that mean your love faded too? Of course not! But, that for sure is pretty frustrating and nearly everyone has faced such situations.

So, why not buy cups that are etched with slogans or images instead of being printed?

Like these Lord of the Rings Etched ones. And once you buy them, you won’t feel the need of buying another set for the next 10 years. Why do I say that? Simply because these glasses are etched with lines such as ‘Prancing Pony’ and ‘Green Dragon’. Because they are etched on the glasses, they won’t fade off regardless of how roughly you use them.

Of course, if you break the glass it won’t be of any use. But if you take care of them, you won’t need to replace them with another set. The etching is guaranteed to withstand all types of washing agents which usually play a major role in wiping off the prints from your glasses.

Here are some of the major specifications of the glasses:

– All glasses are inspired by The Hobbit

– The etched design won’t peel off as the prints do

– The Prancing Pony comes with the tag line – ‘Pouring the best beer in Bree’

– The Green Dragon comes with the tag line – ‘Serving Bywater’s finest ale’

– Glasses come in two sizes – 16 oz pint and 25 oz stein

– The 25 oz one comes with an integrated handle which is free

– Two 16 oz ones are included in the set

So, are you the Prancing Pony type or the Green Dragon type? Whichever side you want to choose, make sure you do it soon because these cups won’t stay there for long. Such things come up once in a while so it’s better to buy them off instead of letting others do. If you really want to add some unique glasses to your bar, then these are the ones for you! Each set is available for $29.99.

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