M-550 Pro Paracord Grenade Is the Ultimate Survival Kit

Never make the mistake of going hiking or mountain climbing without a few survival tools. You may never need them, but having them with you could make the difference between life and death.

Outdoor activities such as mountain climbing can take unpredictable turns sometimes, and in situations like those it’s very important to have a proper survival kit with you. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t replace a first aid kit, which could also prove very useful in emergency situations, but it is only meant to complement that by ensuring that you have all the tools that you need to stay alive and safe for as long as needed. The M-550 Pro Paracord grenade is probably one of the best survival kits you can buy nowadays, as it includes many useful tools in a very compact design.

To give you an idea about just how versatile the M-550 Pro Paracord grenade really is, check out the following list that includes all of the tools included in it:

  • 35 feet of Tactical Camo and 15 feet of Charcoal Grey 550 paracord
  • 2 feet of Safety Orange 95 paracord
  • LED light
  • Mini pocket knife
  • Dog tag signal mirror
  • Fire starting rod
  • Striker
  • 30 feet of 12-pound test fishing line
  • 4 fish hooks
  • 4 split shot weights
  • 2 Bobby pins
  • Universal handcuff key
  • 2 Butterfly sutures
  • P38 Can opener
  • Compressed towel tablet (just add water)
  • Matches (6 waterproof, 2 stormproof)
  • 4 feet of jute twine
  • Needle and thread
  • Extremely sharp razor blade
  • 8 feet of military-grade tripwire
  • Compass
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wire saw
  • 4 Water purification tablets
  • 2 Safety pins
  • Whistle buckle
  • 2 Split rings
  • 4 Feet of electrical tape

Below you can see the M-550 Pro Paracord grenade taken apart, and all of its 26 components.

It really is unbelievable that so many tools can fit in a product that is so compact.

Once you deploy the kit, you cannot re-assemble it, so that may be one of the downsides of the M-550 Pro Paracord grenade. However, if you use it in an emergency situation and the story gets published, the manufacturer offers to repack it for you at no cost.

The product is available in 12 different colors, but it should be noted that only the tactical cords are colored, the rest of the items being identical between the kits.

The M-550 Pro Paracord survival grenade is currently sold on the manufacturer’s website for $69.99, which really is a small price to pay for a product that could turn out to be saving your life in emergency situations.

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