Weird Magnetic Bucky Balls are Great Time Killers

Bucky Balls are magnetic building spheres which work like magic and will kill off hours of your day without you noticing that you have forgotten to eat, drink or that you are at work and have not done anything for hours.

bucky balls magnetic building spheres

These magnetic Bucky Balls could be used to make all kinds of different shapes, depending on your skill, patience and creativity. Each set comes with 216 BuckyBalls which could be used to make jewelry, patterns, puzzles, sculptures or anything else you could shape them into.

Basically, BuckyBalls are time killers that seem too fun to be true. If you can recall some Internet games that suck hours off of your day without realization, so will these but at least you will be working with your hands, so bystanders won’t really see you as a Zombie.

cool magnetic bucky balls toy

You can find these at for $24.99 for each cool set. Get more than one set, and you can build yourself a castle of these BuckyBalls and really become a King of your castle.

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