Matchbox TP Dispenser

We all have toilet paper dispensers but who has a toilet paper dispenser that holds a matchbox too? Anyone? Nobody would have it and that’s why this Matchbox TP dispenser is so unique.

This one little extra feature makes this dispenser a great buy. Of course, dispenser itself is of good quality too. It’s not like you are buying a cheap dispenser just for the sake of a matchbox holder. It’s an earthenware toilet paper dispenser and the area for placing the matchbox is engraved on the top. So you don’t need to figure out where exactly to keep the matchbox.

The question here is who would want to add a matchbox to the dispenser?

Well there are people who would want a matchbox handy while inside the toilet. Maybe you need to take a candle light bath and there is nothing inside the toilet you can ignite the candles with. That can be one instance when this dispenser can be handy. This dispenser can easily be mounted on a tile wall or you can even set it into drywall using thin set mortar.

Anything can be used to mount this one up as it is pretty light and sleek. It is available in two colors; Nordic white and Finnish blue. Made from earthenware, this product can be a great addition to your washrooms.

The TP dispenser can also be mounted on two screws or nails. There are two holes at the back side. One is on the upper right corner and the other on the upper left corner. Besides, any toilet tissue roll can be fit into this one. You also get 10 matchboxes with the package. The product is made in USA so of course it is of high quality. It is available for $69 along with matchboxes.

If you really want to have a dispenser in your toilet with a matchbox holder in it then this product is for you. Who knows when you might feel the need of a matchbox inside the toilet? But, make sure you don’t place this one in your kid’s washroom especially if he is a fire bug.

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