Minecraft Foam Pickaxe Helps You Harvest 8-bit Minerals

It hurts my brain to think about the about the insane amount of success the game Minecraft has achieved. If you told me you wanted to create a completely open 8-bit world to allow players to construct, kill, destroy, or build whatever they felt like, I’d think you were crazy. Yet Minecraft now has hundreds of thousands of fans, and if you want to show off your fan spirit, there is no better way to do so than this official Minecraft Foam Pickaxe.

As you can see, the pickaxe is constructed from heavy duty EVA foam. The manufacturer jokes that it is good for more than 132 uses, a clear reference to the game, although I’m not sure how much foam mining I am planning on doing in the near future. It may not be able to cut through solid rock like it’s in game counterpart, but it is hard to deny that it looks awesome, and it’ll be fun to swing around and joke that you’re off to fight off some zombies and creepers with your nerdy minecraft buddies. You should also be able to safely bonk some people with it, and being officially licensed, you are making Notch happy too. The detail is fantastic, and it looks exactly like the data value 274 from the game. At a price of $19.99, this hefty minecraft axe replica won’t be smashing into your bank account, either.

After a long hard day of mining..well whatever it is you’ll be mining with this foam axe, your hands could probably use a break. If so, these magical massage gloves will hit the spot and give your tired appendages 16000 to 18000 vibration impulses. If you are heading into some dark and dank nether reaches for your mining endeavors, you’ll need to illuminate the place with this magnetic light mine. If there’s one thing that Minecraft has taught us, it is that it pays to be resourceful.

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