Jedi or Sith? Mini Lightsaber Dark Side Detector

There is just something more rewarding about putting things together yourself. I mean yes, having your own lightsaber is fun and all, but what about putting together your very own mini lightsaber? Better yet, what if your newly constructed lightsaber could tell you whether your child favors the light or dark side of the force?! Well, now you can, thanks to this bonafide dark side detector.

Personally, I feel like they should show a video of Anakin putting his first lightsaber together. Why didn’t Obi-Wan think of that before he started giving that crazy guy force lessons? Anyway, this mini lightsaber should ensure a fun filled afternoon of putting together electrical devices.

This little guy has it all, when you think about it. You get to teach your kid, or yourself, about the funa nd eductational side of Science Fiction. Then, once it is all put together, you get to reveal your child’s destiny as the blade turns red or blue. Granted, I’d be a little worried if it turned red, but at least you have a fifty-fifty shot, right?

For a fun afternoon, the kit comes in cheap at $14.99. It includes 5 lightsaber pieces, the lightsaber blade, 3 button cell batteries, and an educational manual to tell you what goes where.

If you are looking for other Star Wars goodness, you can check out these Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clocks if you are into waking up to Boba Fett’s ugly mug every morning. I don’t think that I would, though, and he would probably want to be compensated for the service of getting your butt out of bed each morning. His snooze button would have to be a blaster shot or something. Darth Vader can also teach your kid about the power of pinching pennies as one of our 22 creative piggy bank designs.

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