The RedEye Mini Remote Allows You to Control All

Thanks to Zenith Electronics Corporation for paving way towards controlling what we watch at the push of a button. Giving the world its first ‘Lazy Bones’ in 1950, Zenith’s creation has proved to be the base now for ThinkFlood’s gift to the iBuffs, the RedEye mini. A remote that adapts to the iPod touch, iPhone or the iPad, this petit system is now available in almost fifty two countries. The remote automatically connects with any device through passing infra red rays. Fit it into the slot for headphones on your iDevice and voila! You have a remote that can be customized, is fun and also is powerful and way better than existing ones.

The RedEye mini measures up to almost two inches in length and carries the RedEye logo too. A microprocessor and some capacitors have been built into the remote that helps it in responding over microphone lines. Well, setting up the RedEye mini is nothing complicated. All one has to do is to download an application from the App Store into your phone for absolutely no extra costs and plug the remote into the headphone jack and before you know it, the set up is done once you select your television service provider. Getting rid of the need for a separate remote now, you can control your idiot boxes and the best part is that you don’t need any batteries to function the remote since it takes power from the iDevice it is connected to. Tagged at a price of £49.99, the RedEye comes to you as the best deal ever.

Well, there is more besides to what has been mentioned. This remote is more interactive and user friendly. It is customizable according to ones likes and needs. Different buttons styles, re-design the layouts and much more options out there, all in that small dongle. Portability! Compatibility! What more you got to ask for! Anything that is under the control of infra-red signals can be accessed with the RedEye mini, be it Television, DVD or any media players. It can control anything from up to 30 feet away so this should prove it worthy of owning one for any living room. Also sometimes dongle attached to your iDevices might spoil their looks but the RedEye mini causes no such damage. Moreover, if the application is in use, you can still make use of your iDevice. The package includes a carry case with keychain.

Just one click and you can manage multiple gadgets with this extra-ordinary gadget! If you wish to learn more about such gadgets, take a look at Remote Controlled Robotic Hammerhead Shark and Wireless Christmas Tree Candles, too.

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