Modular Cocktail Mixer Enhances Your Every Drink

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional work of a barman, yet for those of us who aren’t as skillful in the mixing, this is truly a godsend. Who needs tradition when you can have it easy?

Never let the lack of skill get in the way of having delicious drinks! This modular cocktail system is the perfect solution for any time you want to enjoy your favorite drinks but lack the money to hire a barman who can get it just right. It’s been dubbed the Enkaja, and is a concept by the team at the Tatabi Studio.

The idea behindĀ  it is pretty simple: just get single unit packages of cocktail ingredients and fill each of the cylinder blocks. After that, you just snap them together and let them mix. Just pour from the top afterwards, and enjoy your cocktail! Sometimes, it’s the simplest stuff what ends up being the most brilliant.

Source: Gizmodo

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