The Moshi Voice Control Reflection Alarm Clock

Have you always wondered how it would be to have a butler? To wake you up in the morning and have him respond to your vocal commands, instead of having to routinely reach out and slap the alarm clock shut and worry about whether you hit snooze or if you might oversleep? Well put those times behind you, because with the Moshi Voice Control Reflection Alarm Clock, you get the luxury of both in one single, easy on the pocket machine. That’s right. Now you just have to put your command in words and the alarm clock does exactly what you tell it to do.The Moshi Voice Control Reflection Alarm Clock gets its name from the two star features of the product. One of them is the ultra cool, reflective display that it flaunts. It is a refreshing treat for the eyes to look at and yet keeps the design simple and minimalistic. The display has six night-time colour options to decide upon and according to your preferences; you could increase or decrease the brightness of the LCD screen. Many people complain that digital clocks, though easy to read the time off, are sometimes too bright that they disturb the owner’s sleep. But the Moshi Voice Control Reflection Alarm Clock is sure to allow you peaceful forty winks.

But that is all that it allows. The Moshi Voice Control Reflection Alarm Clock is sure to get you out of bed even on the coolest of morning when all you want is to dig deeper into your cozy comforter. It boasts a voice recognition technology and allows you to set dual alarms, put it on a nine-minute snooze mode, ask for indoor and outdoor temperature which is detected by its external wireless sensor and lets you record a voice memo of up to eight minutes.

Giving voice commands to the Moshi Voice Control Reflection Alarm Clock is really easy. Just say, “Hello Moshi” and give it a voice command- “Set Time” or “Set Alarm”, “Snooze”, etc. It is easy to use, handle and looks wonderful on your nightstand. Once you get used to your Moshi, you are never going back to using any other alarm clock. There is no pre-programming required and you can easily say that this is among the smartest horologes in the market today. Priced at a worthy $59.95, it is a Brookstone exclusive and cannot be found at other retail or departmental stores.

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