Motorcycle Engine USB Hub Proved That Even A Fake Bike Can Recompense

Bikers have always been loved with mostly three issues as the looks, the speed of the bike and the efficiency of the engine, which is the most important stuff in the bike. There are times when you won’t get time to go for a ride to feel the air, speed and the adrenalin rushing through your veins when you pass through cars and bikes and then you need this Motorcycle Engine USB hub to fulfill your desire.


I know it really hurts when you can’t feel all those things and just to wipe your worries away but this geeky device has been made which although won’t give you the ride of your life, but will help you to imagine and feel those effects while you sit and enjoy the whole experience with your eyes closed. This Motorcycle Engine USB hub made up of good quality plastic and given a perfect shape of a motorcycle engine just to please all the biker’s ears.

Motorcycle engine Hub 3

It roars the life into the biker’s body by making a vroom sound whenever you push the pedal accelerator and the gear shift. Just connect it to your PC or laptop with its USB and as it comes with up to 3 USB 2.0 devices so there is no problem in connectivity.


Although it might be very small with dimension of 4.5” x 4.7” x 3.5” but don’t underestimate its sound quality and audibility. The sound depends on the gear you are in. This cool device available with a price tag of $19.99 but simply a reminder that, this is not a real engine and has the ability to give only sound with mental satisfaction, so don’t try to fit this in some toy bike. Just joking.


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