Movie Time Clocks are the Perfect New Addition to your Media Room

If you are looking for some retro wall clocks or something that is just plain out of the box, then you should probably have a look at the super retro, super dramatic Movie time Clocks. These clocks that are born out of the vintage 16mm film and reels, some of which actually date back to the 1950’s! and believe me folks this is one cool piece of history that can add the touch of classical immortality to your rooms.

movie time clocks4

Each clock is hand crafted using the reels and films of the times when Cd’s and DVD’s never existed, also these pieces of art are not all show as each one of them comes fitted with an American made Quartz clock that carries a 10 year guarantee with it. These clocks generally come in three sizes- Small (3.5-7inches); Medium (9-10.5-12 inches); Large(13-15 inches), while the prices range from $39.95 to $79.95, which may sound a bit steep but let me tell you that it is definitely worth time clocks1

Browsing through few of these cool clocks I began getting a few ideas of my own and how I wished someone would turn them into a reality… thankfully our friends do the very same, one can get some custom made personalized clocks done from them as well, now isn’t that cool?movie time clocks2

Oh! one more thing, please do have a look at the other cool stuff like the Atmos 556 clock or the weird Gear clock that might leave you wanting for more!

movie time clocks3

movie time clocks6

movie time clocks5

movie time clocks7

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