Moving Tank Cake is a Geek’s Delight

I have yet to run into a geek that doesn’t like cakes, and especially if they are made in some form of weird theme, style and subject. Well, this cake is not only shaped like a camouflage tank, but it is actually moving (video below), so this must be fulfilling the Geeky part by providing moving parts.
tank cake

Created by Dave Spencer, this cake is perfect for those who love War movies, children who play “soldier” or the techy ones that like to have something to program, build or construct. Whatever your sin may be, you cannot deny the coolness of this cake, and the interactivity it generates.

tank cake design

Best of all, we know that along with the amazing cake design and construction, it must still be a tasty cake that is sweet to high heaven. I mean, just take a look at all that frosting, food coloring and generosity to your sweet tooth!

cool tank cake design

I don’t know who’s birthday actually had this spectacular Tank cake present to provide the moving show, but I am certain they would never look at cakes the same again. Probably like the same overgrown child who received the Jango Fett Cake or the kid that got to eat the Gameboy cake.

Via: Walyou

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