Nintendo Game Boy Wallet

Wallets are an integral part of our lives, whether they are teens or working or geek kids as small as 6 to 8 have started demanding for wallets. It’s the only item which keeps our most valuable things together like from money to credit cards and even the photos of our loved ones. These things make us realize that how valuable Wallets are and when it’s from Nintendo then there is no doubt.

Nintendo Gameboy Wallet 1

Nintendo the world famous video game company which is the fifth largest software company in the world, decided to make something different this time and came up with an idea of making a wallet with a design of its game boy. Here is the “Nintendo Game Boy Wallet” which has been officially licensed by Nintendo.

Nintendo Gameboy Wallet 2

Made up of pure leather, this wallet has three individual sleeves for credit cards along with an additional compartment for your photo I.D. An extra layer of leather with a design of painted Game Boy with the Super Mario Land Start Screen has been stitched on the outer side of the wallet giving it a combination of geeky and stylish look.

Nintendo Gameboy Wallet 3

It comes in a tin case collector which has been given jet black color to contrast perfectly with the white colored game boy painted on the case.  This one is a must for all video game lovers in this world and can be a great gift too. So if you want to bring it home, then have to bear $25.00 and give your valuables a new home.

Nintendo Gameboy Wallet 4

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