Off the Course Golf Club Umbrella Will Save Your Day

Creativity needs no prologue. It can qive birth to a new idea within the twinkling of an eye. Off the Course Golf Club Umbrella is yet another example of this creative concept which struck to designer Sebastian Errazuriz’s while he was in Scotland. Golf Club umbrella

The designer got the idea for this eccentric umbrella as he along with his friends used to carry golf clubs and umbrellas at the same time. Thus, the designer got the insight to bring together this Off the Course Golf Club Umbrella.

Anyone who would have seen this distinctive umbrella could be touted as a fan of the sport golf. The umbrella is meant especially for Museum of Fine Arts (MOFA). It’s made of steel, rubber, fiberglass, and polyester. This umbrella can be purchased for $65.

After having a look at this awesome umbrella, one can start conjuring up the images of players swinging the golf ball at a golf course. But according to its makers in reality, you can’t hit the golf ball with this umbrella, because its disclaimer clearly states, that you should not use this umbrella for golf club. But who cares, after seeing the design of this umbrella with golf club handle and iron head anyone would be tempted to lift and hit the golf ball with its cute design irrespective of what the result would be after hitting the ball.

Don’t be disappointed. If you can’t use this umbrella for playing your favorite sports, no worries, however, if you are a diehard golf player, and can’t resist playing the sport even during rainy season, this umbrella would come handy to save your day. So pack your golf bags and start playing golf, even if it thunders outside you are fully equipped with stylish Off the Course Golf Club Umbrella.

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