On The Track Watch Design

Designed by Maciej, On The Track is one impeccable watch for Formula One lovers. The designer says that he wanted to create a watch that is simple yet stylish in its own way. Of course it is an LED watch so he wanted to give it that TokyoFlash touch.

The good part is, as I always say for watches that I like, that this one has a neat design and simple shape. It is not really bulgy or ugly in any sense. Neat, stylish and happening are three words that can describe this watch the best.

About the concept:

As you can see in the pictures, the design overall is for the Formula One lovers. But, it can also be worn by anyone who wants to add a style statement to his or her personality. There are no evident borders among the LED lights. What you have in the dial are 26 LEDS of the same shape and size.

That sure sounds confusing but it’s not. The first group of LEDs displays hours, the next group shows minutes and the ones right at the bottom shows single minutes. It is actually that simple. Check out the pictures to get a better idea of how this watch works.

Another option you have in this watch is that you can change the color of the LEDs. You can use different colors for different LED groups or you can use the same color for all the LED lights. Now here is the best part – unlike most of the LED watches, this one has the mechanism and the case beneath the dark hard rubber strap. This is what makes the watch looks neater and of course, more stylish.

The strap comes in dark gray color whereas the dial has a black background. LED colors that you have on board are red, white, blue and green. Although I personally think that the white LEDs are the best, you have the option of suiting it yourself. This is probably one major benefit of the watch- you can change the colors based on the trend or the season. In other words, once you have this watch, it will never go out of fashion.

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