OOPHAGA – The Future is Tricycle!

Well, if that is the future then it’s for sure cool! Look at it, this is what we call something utterly fascinating and at the same time, spine tingling. Imagine you are on a ride on this tricycle, wouldn’t that be one hell of a journey? Designed by Milos, this tricycle is not just energy saving, but of course, is good looking as well.

Unlike most of the vehicles being conceptualized, this one blends the style factor with the energy saving factors and brings out one amazingly superb bike!

Of course, we all know that part. Most of the energy efficient bikes we see are hardly of any good. They look more like rickshaws than bikes. Seriously, look at them and you’ll know what I am talking about. But, luckily this one is not one of them. Although I don’t really know if the designer actually wanted to create a bike that can save energy, I am pretty sure it will. Once this bike is out, teens and bike riders would love using it.

If not for commuting purposes, at least they would keep it for fun’s sake.

About the design:

As you can see in the pictures, the design of this tricycle is a bit different from the traditional ones. The pedals are right in front and well, there is nothing to secure it. That is one issue I think Milos would like to consider. If you are riding this tricycle and you hit something, you might hurt your legs.

Apart from that, the steering of the tricycle is actually separated. There are bars near both wheels which will be used to change the direction of the bike. This will of course work in conjunction with each other so don’t worry about losing control.

The rear of the bike looks pretty solid with a bigger wheel and a proper seating panel. To be honest, the back of the bike makes it look like an alien bike. The whole body has a tattoo like design on it, making it look cool for the teens.

It’s a good concept only if the pedaling area is made more secured. Nice work, Milos!

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