Ouija Board Cake for Those with an Interest in the Occult

If you are interested in witchcraft and with the idea of communicating with the dead, you would certainly have meddled with an Ouija Board sometime in your life. As kids we have all tried placing a coin or a planchette on the Ouija board and tried asking questions to the “spirit” which comes over.

ouija board cake

While most would agree that it never worked, it still was fun. So if you remember those fun filled days when we would shut all the windows, make the rooms dark and light candles to communicate with the spirits using Ouija Boards, you would love this awesome Ouija Board Cake by Jettrocks. The cake comes with all the alphabets and also the numbers which are used to communicate with dead people.

It is not clear if the cake was baked for a birthday but I would certainly want someone to buy me a Ouija Board and an Ouija Board Cake as well, for my birthday. You could also check out other geeky cakes such as the Jango Fett Helmet Cake which looks pretty hideous. If you can’t stop thinking about video games during the day and night, you really should dig into the Ultimate Gaming Cake, which is specially made for gamers.

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