Pen Drive Wears Prada!

This is probably the most stylish pen drive that I have ever seen. A must have for people who want their gadgets to go along with their stylish clothes.

Technically, there is not much to talk about this gadget. It’s a pen drive. You put data on it and it’s good to go. However, this uber sweet looking pen drive designed by Eric Lavedrine in collaboration with Sergio, Jana, and Vincent from Atelier du Sarte threatens to start a new genre in the very non-experimental industry of pen drives.

This is maybe one of the pen drives around, for which one needs to coin the term ‘luxury pen drives’. No doubt, anyone can go to the store and buy any number of those regular looking pen drives or hit eBay, and you will find many themed pen drives too (like the Lego and the Guitar pen drives). But none beats our little pen drive when it comes to the coolness factor.

This Davidoff Luxury USB pen drive comes in various styles. First off, is the obvious ‘pull the cap off style’. At the bottom end is also the provision to attach keys, thus making it a keychain too.

The second prototype, is the zippo lighter style top. You flick open the top and insert the pen drive into the USB slot.  If you are Marlboro man or Jason Statham, this is the one to get. Flicking a pen drive open is as macho as it gets.

Third option is the belt buckle option. The buckle opens and reveals a nicely tucked pen drive underneath. The ultimate accessory for fashion designers, perhaps? Everyone needs to transfer files (especially those fat photoshop files). Why not do it in style?

The last option is to have it in a girl’s mini clutch style. Open it up and the pen drive falls out. Bruce Willis of the world should avoid this like the plague. Sadly, this option is not available in any girly colors.

Fancy accessory, some might say but this is a luxury option for people who care about style even when it comes to their gadgets. If only my good old 64 MB Zip drive also came in such a cool design. Sigh!

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