Periodic Table Sweaters Will Attract Mad Scientists Too

If you need a revision of the ‘elements’, you might want to check out these cool Periodic Table Sweaters. Neatly knit (rhyme intended), these sweaters will give scientists something other than their barrette and pipette experiments to brag about.

Periodic Table Sweaters

Although most of you would argue that distractions are rare among the ‘spectacled’ community, we are sure these designs are attractive enough to draw at the least a passing glance. More importantly, these are ‘scientific’ too, so the relevance wouldn’t be so easily ignored like the Periodic Table Cupcakes.

Periodic Table Sweater

The Periodic Table Sweaters by Nimcraft have different elements from the table knit in contrasting colors, with the denotation maintained (Cl for Chlorine, Ka for Sodium, etc.). And there are multiple options too for people who have favorites among these elements, though most of us would be hard-pressed to find out significant differences in the appeal of each. You may not have to worry if you believe beauty is ‘apparel deep’, for this is one fine piece of clothing that keeps you not just warm but also in vogue. It is a ‘heartwarming’ effort, completely!

Elements Sweater

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