The Personal Soundtrack Shirt To Express Your Emotions At Any Moment

Whenever you watch a movie or TV shows, especially those romantic scenes where the hero and heroine are together in a magical land with soothing background, music going on and no one to interrupt them. I bet you must be thinking and envying those commercial movies, wishing that how blissful life would have had been if an opus was always ready to be played whenever we did something good. I guess somewhere inside our hearts, we had to convince ourselves for thinking such stupid and illogical because we knew that this was quite impossible. But now it’s become possible with this most wonderful interactive shirt which you have ever seen and has been created as the “Personal Soundtrack Shirt”.

Personal Soundtrack Shirt

This shit is to modify an ordinary life into an exciting one and it is possibly thanks to the built in speakers on the shirt and a wired remote by which, you will be able to control the soundtracks for different times.

Personal Soundtrack Shirt 1

Like whenever you are with a cute companion, just press the button and a ‘True Love’ background music will be played intensifying the situation. Or if your favorite team is losing, play the ‘Booing’ soundtrack to show your emotion.

Personal Soundtrack Shirt 2

There are 20 in-built background music’s have been installed for specific times, but if you don’t want those then you can install an SD card with your favorite sound effects and music. You can even play your iPod or some other portable audio device by connecting it to the speaker on the shirt frontal. The remote which has been provided to you allow you to control the song selections and different settings like volume, song loops etc. You can even wash this shirt by following the proper instruction.

Personal Soundtrack Shirt 3

This killer shirt is available with a price of $29.99 which adds excitement to one’s life and makes life much more interesting and fun.

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