Phonofone II is Here to Give Your Ears a Soothing Sensation

Science and creativity are two things when combined together can make such impressive thing which are hard to think about, has been proved by the creation of this beauty of Phonofone II.

Phonofone II

The Phonofone actually created by designer Tristan Zimmermann of science and sons as a betterment of Modesty. This is the best device that any song lover can own, if his choice is something small, classy, creative and beautiful as well as useful.

Phonofone II

Its actually work is similar to a speaker for your iPod but without using any power i.e. passive amplification. Although they can create only 55 decibels of sound which not that good for listening rock or metal but an excellent one if you want to hear a soft and smooth, classical or folk music at night or in a candle light dinner at your date.

Phonofone II

One thing which you will have to take care of is the company of the iPod to be fixed in this phonofone and the ear buds to be only of apple brand (the adapters provided with your Phonofone) are recommended for this application. The iPod used should be normal apple or apple mini because nanos and shuffle only work if used with an inline headphone amplifier.

Phonofone II

This amazing object is made up of ceramic which is prepared by heating and subsequent cooling, with a dimension of 11″ x 9.5″ x 20″ (28 x 25 x 51 cm) great isn’t it? This phonofone doesn’t only produce a soothing and sensational sound but also maintains the sound limit and promoting anti-noise pollution activity. This product is available with a price tag of $500.

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Phonofone II Black

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