Pimped Out Pacman Car

As if this Pacman Car was taken out of Pimp My Ride, it is one beautiful ride that Pacman fans would love to drive and even Xhibit would love to take out for a test drive.

pimp pacman car

This specific find by Da Nes may not be as retro or 80′s looking as the Pacman Car with Gullwing Doors we previously seen, but it has a bright and colorful personality all in itself.

pacman car hood

Let’s begin with the custom and amazing bright Red and Yellow paintjob that is apparent all over the vehicle. Within the Red coating, Yellow Pacman is featured all around such as the hood, the side doors and even the back of the side mirrors. Moroever, cool Pacman lettering is also displayed throughout the car in huge letters that make Pacman seem a little narcissistic. In other words, you can never make a mistake who this car belongs to.

pacman car rims

This pimp version Pacman Car continues to impress with the custom leather seats that are again Red and Yellow, with Mr. Pacman sewn beautifully and clean to the front and back seats. Finally, the rims add so much with their shiny look and Pacman looking through the spaces of the actual rims.

pacman car front side

I am not sure who the owner of this beautiful Pacman Car is, but one thing is for sure…the Ghosts better stay out of the way.

cool pacman car back view

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