Pocket Microscope Will Help You to Explore the Tiny World Around You

Starting from 1590’s, the dutch trio Hans Lippershey, Zacharias Janesen and Hans Jenssen had presented a wonderful invention to the world and their invention had introduced a new lane i.e. “Microbiology” to the world of Science. Do you know what was invented? If your answer is “Microscope” then you have guessed it right about their invention.

Pocket Microscope 2

Starting from a simple 2-lens ocular system, Microscopes have come a long way and by getting better and efficient every time it has been modified. This is the latest modification done to the Microscope allowing it to fit in to your pocket so that you can take it any where and zoom on anything you want to. This is the new Pocket Microscope which is best sophisticated device for exploring the wonderful world of small stuffs around us.

Pocket Microscope  Inuse

With a powerful magnification from 60-100x, this microscope is an awesome addition to your pocket. Being very light (1.12 oz) and with dimensions of 3.5″ x 1.25″ x .75″. This is one of the smallest microscopes in the world. It’s built in LED lights provide a very bright and clear image. For keeping the comfort-ability level of your eye, its eyepiece has been rubberized allowing you to feel comfortable while viewing some thing and helping you to concentrate properly.

Pocket Microscope  in Hand

This is an excellent gadget for jewelers, tinkers, science students, printed circuit board (PCB) inspection and for all those geeks out there. So if you want to start your research on some plant or something small, then you can have this for $12.99.

You can see more such interesting and geeky gadget like Telescope strength Binocular or Shirt Pocket Digital Projector as tiny but strong device match to this microscope.

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