Popcorn Yubi-fude Finger Brush Would Take Your Paintings to Places

Apart from being known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan has also done some incredible job in the field of calligraphy. The Popcorn Yubi Fude is one such classic “finger brush” which has a funky mesmeric yellow design and comes into the category of awesome brushes.popcorn-yubi-fude-finger-brush-1

The uniqueness of this finger brush is such that in its first month of release, its sales zoomed to 6,000. With the launch of this calligraphy brush one thing has become clear, that it is yet another remarkable Japanese innovation in the field of design and painting which without any doubt would be admired by people who love art and design.

With the assistance of this brush, budding designers can practice rare strokes by slipping the brush onto their finger tip. What you could like most about this brush is the ability to wear multiple brushes on your different fingers. You can thus switch brushes at your whims and fancy, and can produce some exceptional designs.

The Popcorn Yubi-Fude finger brush comes with three big brushes and holders’ viz. one medium and small brush, while two holders are kept for the kids. The package of this brush also includes a brush stand and a color palette which include 30ml ink.


After seeing the promotional video, one can come to the conclusion that this brush is of great use and could produce exceptional results not only for calligraphy but to any work related to decoration and painting. One more thing which makes this brush exceptional is the flexibility it offers, as you can easily use multicolored brushes from your fingertips, at the same time no need to change brushes every now and then. The whole set of Popcorn Yubi¬Fude brush could be purchased for $109.

Go and grab it now!

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