Portal Weighted Companion Cube Plush Feels the Love

If you have ever played or heard of the astronomically popular computer game, Portal, then it is very likely you remember the weighted companion cube. Cleverly styled with hearts, the cube faithfully followed you through a number of trials and tribulations. Alas, his fate was not to stay with you forever, and eventually you had to toss the poor cube in the fire. Thankfully, this cube plush will not have to be lit on fire to survive, and will happily occupy your couch, bed, or whatever place you find appropriate. It is time to feel the love!


This companion cube comes directly from your local vital apparatus vent and is ready to accompany you on a number of adventures throughout your house. These adventures could include nap time, lounging around, or movie night with your significant other. Unlike the fate of your poor cube in the game, this one should never have to be incinerated. Feel free to go out of your way to show it that the cake is not, in fact, a lie. The cube is about 6 inches tall no matter which side you place it on, and $29.99 is a small price to pay for a life long companion, am I right?


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