Puchi Projector: The Portable Essential for Gadget Freaks

Puchi Projector is a highly portable projector that has been designed for gadget freaks.

Puchi white

Irrespective of the small size, this projector lets you to watch digital content from up to 2m on to a 50-inch surface. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, Video camera and even a DVD Player. As Princeton’s Puchi Projector is very light in weight, it will be easier to carry it even on your business or leisure tours.

If you love to click pics or shoot videos, then this Puchi Projector is a thing that you would love for sure. The company offers the users two colour options to choose from, viz. red and white.

Puchi Projector

In case you are tired, and you wish to watch an entertaining movie lying on your bed, then, this nifty device will help you out. The swivel of the projector can be set to point at the ceiling, thereby letting the users enjoy the movies while lying on the bed.

The special feature of this projector is that it get turned off immediately after the footage ends, thereby saving the electricity,

Its tripod can extend up to 155mm (6.1″) in height and its focus is manual. Some of the features of the Puchi Projector include Lamp RGB LED, internal speaker (1W), and QVGA 300 x 224 resolution. This projector can be bought at $144 at the Japantrendshop.

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