Poptone Puzzle Watch from Casio is Slim and Pepped up!

Over the last two decades, so much technology has gone in embellishing cell phones that they have taken up the baton of replacing every other device in your gadgetry. Watches are no exception to this for they are reduced only to a piece of chunky accessory to compliment your attire. The Casio Poptone Puzzle Watch realizes this and preferred to limit the horizon of its functionality to basic stuff.

casio cubic puzzle watch

As against its name, the geeky timepiece doesn’t feature any games but the arrangement of its colorful function buttons can remotely give a feel of the block game, Tetris. Hailed as Casio’s first slimmest wrist gear, this has a pepped up and sporty rubber case to retain the casual essence. There are 4 dedicated buttons to help you use the built-in stopwatch, alarm, backlight and date mode. The animated LCD display is custom designed and fitted into a long case.

Available in options of groovy black and a pepped up sky blue, this watch can be bought form the shelves of TokyoFlash for as little as $92.

cubic puzzle casio watch

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