RC Jumping Kart Provides 3-in-1 Fun

If you could take the concept of a flying car and downsize into a small remote controlled vehicle, you would probably come up with something very similar to this RC Jumping Kart. Part helicopter, part racing vehicle, and part… well, something else. It may be unusual in looks, but this little RC cart provides hours of fun with its versatile approach.

The RC kart comes equipped with a flexible suspension system, allowing it to lift off the ground and touch back down with ease. It also has an internal gyro sensor system that helps to keep the kart stable while it hovers around.Thankfully, charging the kart is a snap too, as it comes with a quick charger to get back in the game as soon as possible. This would be a ton of fun for the whole family, as you could incorporate a number of obstacles regular RC vehicles would not be able to navigate around.

Need to get past that stack of book sint he living room? Not a problem! Just tap the power boost button, which activates the rotors and allows the kart to lightly glide over anything it needs to. The finish line shown in the picture is also included. Whether the price tag is too steep depends upon your perspective as an RC enthusiast. The Kart clocks in at $128 USD, which is fairly high end for a remote controlled vehicle of this stature. You will also need to tack on another $19 for shipping.

If the Remote Controlled Jumping Cart is out of your price range currently, not to worry, we have featured a number of more affordable options here at Gadgethim. You can still get a lot of functionality out of this RC SUV, which sports a water cannon under the hood of the car. If you are more into unusual RC vehicles, try this Remote Controlled Grappler, which lets you setup a construction site just about anywhere.

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