Remote Controlled SUV Sports a Water Cannon

In the world of remote control vehicles, just having a big truck to drive around your back yard simply doesn’t cut it anymore. More sophisticated consumers demand more bang for their buck these days. To sell, your RC vehicle will need something that sets it apart from the herd, like the ability to transform into mecha-godzilla or, say, a mounted water cannon on top of it. Thankfully Hammacher Schlemmer thought of the latter, and this remote controlled SUV is ready to bring the pain. Or cool you off on a hot summer day, depending on your preference.

This little water shooting car is an SUV scaled at 1:14. The built in water cannon can shoot targets up to 15″ away, which is a fairly reasonable range. It also comes equipped with front and rear suspension and pneumatic tires that allow it to overcome just about any terrain you can put in its way. This little guy can seriously motor, too, with a top speed of about 11 miles per hout. The water cannon is fueled by an 8-1/2 oz. resevoir that is placed under the hood. The SUV charges in about an hour and a half and provides roughly 40 minutes ot play time for each charge.

If you are into the night mission thing, it can handle that too! Front and rear xenon lights allow you to drive at night without a problem. Such extensive functionality doesn’t come cheap, however. The water shooting remote controlled car clocks in at $99.95. If you are worried about dropping that much cash on a toy car, take comfort in knowing that a lifetime guarantee is included.

If a remote controlled car is a little too bland for youer liking, some more exotic remote controlled toys have been featured right here on Gadgethim. This Discovery Remote Control Snake, for example, provides a more realistic experience. If construction equipment is more your thing, consider picking up this Remote Control Grappler for demolition and assembly fun.

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