The Remote Control Grappler

It is a common boyhood fantasy to get inside a large, heavy-duty earthmover and control the various levers and gears inside it. There is something about those big, yellow coloured machines that have kids in awe about it. The ability of these machines to lift and move massive quantities of load may be one reason why boys are drawn to it.

It is one thing to have a fantasy of getting inside the cockpit of these large machines and another thing to actually get to do it. Quality online retailers, Hammacher Schlemmer, have on display an item that would make this fantasy come true. The Remote Controlled Grappler is that item: a miniature, toy model version of a heavy-duty earthmover.

When it comes to size, the Remote Controlled Grappler may not be in the league of the real thing. But its design and functionality makes the model version act and sound just like an earthmover would. It is the perfect solution to realize the boyhood dream of controlling a heavy-duty vehicle.

The USP of the model has to be its beautifully designed body frame and colour tone. A framed rectangular cockpit sits at the front of the model with tinted glass surrounding it. The top of the cockpit has twin headlights and a mini viper is located on the windshield. The long extended arm of the machine, which does all the heavy-duty stuff, is coloured in an eye catching yellow.

Two cylindrical threaded tracks form the base of the grappler and are made up of A-grade synthesised rubber.  The attention to detail of the body frame is impressive. Be it the lines and articulations on the threaded tracks, or the silver coloured pistons and black wires running through the long arm of the machine.

The Remote Controlled Grappler can easily be controlled by a remote control. Now this remote control is not simply a device that lets you control the model, it has been designed as a replica of the control panel one would find inside a real life earthmover. The remote control has two joysticks, coloured red, in the center of the device and two smaller joysticks on each side of the device. Red coloured joysticks help the toy model move back and forth while the other two joysticks help the user control the long arm of the toy.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Remote Controlled Grappler is definitely a cool collectible to have. Check it out at where it is available at $49.95.

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