The Discovery Remote Control Snake

One main source, that lets us gain information and that makes learning fun and interesting, is an educational toy. Educational toys are classically made for kids. Besides entertaining them in the form of a toy, they also edify the kid and moreover, provide them with mental and physical intellect. Some of the few examples that can be pointed out are toy musical instruments, building blocks, real object models like that of cars, airplanes, etc. The Discovery team had also stepped into manufacturing educational toys way long back, calling itself the Discovery Toys. Lane Nemeth, an educator founded the Discovery Toys during 1978.

Well, now they have brought out the Discovery Remote Control Snake which would be a perfect way to introduce your children to this wonderful world. This engaging Rattlesnake will help you and the kids learn about the wonders of such creatures. They lack ears on their external side. They lack eyelids. They lack legs. But they are one of the most elongated beauties that exist on Earth today. Snakes, the carnivorous reptiles, are something that most fear of. Well, of the innumerous species of snakes that exist, most are non venomous and those that are venomous, use the venom for mainly for capturing their prey when compared to self protection. Getting to know the snakes, up, close and personal, would be an awesome experience and would prove to be an interesting field of study for many.

Rattlesnakes fall into the group of venomous snakes and have earned their name for the rattle found at their tail end. These snaked make use of the rattle, when they feel threatened and provide a warning. They have inner ears and it is through body vibrations that the sound gets transmitted to the ears.

Well, with the rattlesnake toy, you can discover a new way to engage in learning about them. The toy works on one 9V and four AA batteries and is advised only for ages six and above. At a length of 25.5”, the toy looks extremely real and moves super fast. Also, yes! It does obviously rattle its tail and flashes its tongue and its eyes light up. For a shelling of $24.95, it would be worth it to own the first remote controlled snake since it will be almost like owning a real one and it would be great to equip oneself with a snake educational toy that will prove to be a good orientation to the world of snakes.

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